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NEW!! SSL/TLS Exclusive Services

Why Get SSL?

  • Easy Super Easy Setup

  • Secure SSL Radio Link

  • Alexa Use SSL With Alexa App

  • Add SSL Radio Player On Site

  • Panel Edit & Make Changes

  • Supports SHOUTCast, IceCast, & More!

Get Your SSL Secure Link


The solution for SSL streaming From Zee-Ahn Streams LLC


Introducing SSL Secure Stream Link, a Zee-Ahn Streams service that provides a way to use our secure, HTTPS platform alongside your existing streaming provider. No need to move to a new provider just to get a secure HTTPS stream address. Zee-Ahn Streams broadcasters as well as non-Zee-Ahn Streams broadcasters are welcome to purchase and use this item.

Zee-Ahn Streams will provide you with a secure HTTPS streaming radio link that you can use in a fully secure manner. This link works on Google Chrome, the responsive radio player, standard audio players for websites, free Muses radio player, and many other platforms. The best part.. There is no need to change providers. Use the Secure Streams HTTPS address we will provide you with and it will broadcast your radio station in a fully secure manner.

Sign up, submit your current Listen Live stream URL and Zee-Ahn Streams will provide you with an HTTPS address you can use on your website (or anywhere you need to provide a secure link), and we will automatically forward the HTTPS address to your existing stream.

If you are planning to broadcast your radio station on Amazon Alexa you can use a secure SSL link. Non SSL links on Amazon Alexa are also ok to use. So order your Zee-Ahn Streams SSL Secure Stream link today.

This service is also ideal if you regularly change streaming providers and would like to have one single URL to provide to platforms such as TuneIn, iTunes and other directories and not have to worry about updating your stream in multiple locations and potentially lose listeners.

Just use our Secure Streams URL in all these places and then, if you need to update your stream or you change provide


Things To Know

This SSL link does not override your current radio links. This item creates a new fully secure radio link so your current links will not display the SSL icon. Our Secure SSL Links are great for those needing a secure web radio player on their website. These links also work great with Amazon Alexa or broadcasters who change streaming providers a lot.

Secure SSL Link You use your Station Name or DJ Name on your SSL/TLS Link and we will create your Domain on our Server and Point it on our Server.


Let's Work Together To get you Secured

The solution for SSL streaming From Zee-Ahn Streams LLC

ZEE ahn Streams LLC is a leading provider of top quality streaming services on the internet. We offer a range of SHOUTcast services including Xeon SHOUTcast 5/64 v2, Xeon SHOTcast 5/128 v2, Xeon SHOUTcast 5/192 v2, and Xeon SHOUTcast 5/320 v2, each with a free 14-day trial. Experience premium streaming music with

ZEE ahn Streams LLC!

(please note) our 14 - day's free trials will terminate after 14 days, 

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