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Icecast Hosting / On ZEE - Ahn Streams LLC

Broadcast Live and effortlessly using ICEcast Hosting Servers. You can quickly and easily stream your station all over the world while keeping track of who is listening and where they’re from.

What is Icecast?

Icecast is a streaming server that allows radio stations to effectively broadcast audio online (this is known as webcasting). It is powerful and stable, meaning you can throw all of your internet radio traffic at it without having crashes or other problems. Audio listeners can access the stream through any player. Icecast has mount points meaning and automatically transfers listeners from the Auto DJ to the Live stream and back again without needing to manually turn anything on or off.

There are 3 stages of the broadcasting process. You don’t need any complicated or expensive software or hardware at your end either, a simple desktop PC and broadband connection will work fine.

Is icecast a professional grade solution?


Very much so. ICEcast is an industry-standard platform used by thousands and thousands of radio stations all over the world. Its wide compatibility means people can listen to most players and operating systems.

Listeners will be able to connect to your MP3 stream from all over the world, with all the popular media players including Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Realplayer, XMMS, and many more media players besides.

Although incredibly simple, it can cope with even the heaviest demands and will not break under pressure. Its simplicity works to the broadcaster and listener's favor.

How easy is it to use icecast?


Icecast has mount points which means it automatically transfers listeners from the Auto DJ to the Live streaming and back again without having to manually turn anything on or off. So you connect and all the listeners are transferred from the auto DJ to the live streaming and then back again when you are finished. This, unlike WHM Sonic, works with MP3 streams so it works with any media player (ie. Windows Media, Real Player, I-Tunes, Win-Amp, even flash players!)

Icecast Hosting Servers is similar to Shoutcast in many ways, however, it allows you to stream using MP3, Ogg, Aac+, or Opus supported media.

All Icecast Hosting Packages will include Free Auto DJ. Our auto DJ system will allow you to upload your mp3’s to the system and to be able to select multiple playlists and stream 24/7 without having your computer on all the time.

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